Rebirth of a God

Dream a Little Dream

Chapter 3- Dragon of Icespire Peak

Dirg’s dreams, thanks to that magical night cap, had been fairly pleasant. They’d shown him what Nezznar had been up to, what his thoughts were, and hints on what it was he was planning. Bits and pieces had been fuzzed out, like when certain names were mentioned he couldn’t quite make out what had been thought.

What if the Night cap was filtering out something important? Dirg was used to nightmares. He’d had tons of them before he’d ever met the party. So, while they made their way to Neverwinter, he decided to see what he’d see.

The first night was simple. It showed him a woman- a tiefling with skin that was as pale as the snow around her. Her white hair gleamed in the moonlight, and two horns sprouted from her head, blackening towards the tips. The strangest part was that, despite the cold, she wore a sleeveless blue tunic. Then suddenly, her head snapped up, golden yellow eyes seeming to be searching from something before focusing. Right at him. A smile twisted onto her lips.

“I see you little worm.” As she spoke, a aura began to build around her, piercing his skin and infecting his mind. Uneasiness, then fear, then terror. And then, he was awake.

Dirg decided to try again the next night. It proved to be much worse. This time, he was in a room. The walls seemed to be made of stone, and there were no windows. This felt familiar. It took Dirg a few seconds, but he realized what it was- a feeling that accompanied him whenever he was shown something that was to come. Looking around, he saw a lone figure standing before a large pit- a familiar one. Long hair and an even longer beard, both were a stark white. The man seemed to be chanting something. That’s when the smell of rot invaded his nostrils. Dirg approached the pit, but recoiled when the smell became too strong. A wave of fear surged through Dirg, more powerful than anything he’d ever felt before. Peering over the side of the pit, he saw two, large, glowing red eyes. Then a low, rumbling growl could be heard, shaking the room. And then, he was awake once more.



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