Rebirth of a God


Chapter 4- The Frozen North

Heading north, the party of four made their way into the seaside village of Port Llast, where they settled for the night before heading out again.

It took them a few days before they found their way into Luskan, the final frontier of the Sword Coast North. There, they decided to play a little “game” and attempted to have a Polymorphed Morbis stay in a stable. The next day ensued chaos as the stable-hands searched frantically for the missing “horse”, only for Lolivah to attempt to pull a stunt in “discovering” her “misplaced” horse. The owner of the Stables saw throughout the ruse and promptly threw the two of them out, along with their actual horses.

A few days of travel passed, and the party was awoken to discover Morbis transforming into a Rat. Dirg followed the cursed Morbis until the next dawn, when Morbis transformed back into his regular self.

The party continued on for another few days, when their trip was nearly stopped short as a Frost Giant- accompanied by several large wolves- attempted to take their possessions for himself. In retaliation, they fought and slew the giant, but not before one of the wolves managed to flee.

Gathering themselves, they continued on their way, finally making it to the outskirts of Mirabar.

Adventure Time: 6 days
Current Date: 3rd of Hammer, 1622



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