Rebirth of a God


Chapter 4- The Frozen North

Lolivah, Dirg, Melena and Morbis set off from Phandalin. Thorfinn and Keaqen stayed behind to help repair the damages Cryovain had left in his attack, while Tim left with Strausse to go check on the damages in Triboar.

On the road north, the group encountered five large wolves that Morbis managed to scare off before the combat had grown too rough. Upon reaching Phandalin, the party decided to seek audience with Shamash. While they waited for him, they went around town, selling off their stock and improving their gear.

Once they finally met with the Dragonborn, they told him of their encounters and the news of Triboar. Unsettled by the news, Shamash gave the party two options: Head back to Triboar and investigate what happened, or head north to Mirabar and investigate as to why the city has not been heard from in several days.

The party decided to head north to investigate, leaving the issue of Triboar to Isaac, Thalia, Rutrig and Abigor.

Adventure Time: 4 Days
Current Date: 23rd of Nightal, 1621



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